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At our flagship Southport location, we serve all kinds of delicious food - both savory and sweet! Stop in for brunch or bring your own beverage for Meinl at Night!

UPDATE: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Julius Meinl Chicago is operating with a limited menu. Please visit us at Uber Eats, Ritual and GrubHub to get your favorites today!


Coffee and Other Beverages

Brewed Coffee 2.45/2.75/3.35

Cafe Au Lait 3.00/3.45

Red Eye 3.10/3.50/3.85

Latte 3.75/4.25/4.50

Cappuccino 3.75/4.25


Mocha 4.20/4.75/5.15


Americano 2.80/3.65/3.95


Melange 3.65/4.15 

Espresso 1.90/2.20

Macchiato 2.25/2.65

Cortado 2.50/2.95

Hot Chocolate 3.45/3.95

Hot Tea 2.45/2.60

Chai 3.75/4.25/4.65

Milk Steamer 2.85/3.15

Hot Cider 3.45/3.95


Almond Milk .65

Flavor Shot .50

Soy Milk .65

Espresso Shot .65

Apple Juice 5.15

Orange Juice 4.95

Bottled Water 2.25

Lemonade 3.95

Milk 2.45

San Pellegrino 1.95

Italian Soda 3.25

Iced Tea 3.00


*Mini Brioche Egg Sandwich 12

Baked egg and cheddar cheese

Ham 6.5

Bacon 6.5

*Croque Madame 13

Ham, swiss, fried egg, and whole grain mustard aioli on brioche. Served with a side of potatoes or house salad

Austrian Breakfast 12

Soft boiled egg with side of swiss cheese and your choice of bread

Ham 12

Smoked Salmon 16

*Baked French Toast 11

House-made French toast with brioche, custard, and seasonal fruit topping

Quiche 12

Served with a side of potatoes or house salad

Eggs Benedict 12

Arugula, poached eggs, & herbed hollandaise

Florentine 12

Bacon 13

Smoked Salmon 16

*French Omelette 11

Classic two-egg omelette with potato side and your choice of toast.

Cheddar or swiss 12

Baked Eggs

*Avocado 13.5

With tomato, onion, basil and goat cheese

*Spinach 12

Spinach, mushrooms, onion and feta cheese

*Spicy Bacon 12

Bacon, potato, caramelized onion and cheddar cheese

*Smoked Salmon 16

Salmon, capers, cream cheese and mornay sauce

*Truffle Potato Pancake 11

Truffle salt, caramelized onions, chives and parmesan cheese


*Turkey Avocado 14

House-roasted turkey with avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, swiss, and aioli on multigrain bread 

*Spicy Chicken 14

Grilled chicken with sriracha aioli, lettuce, tomato, and swiss on ciabatta bread

*Smoked Salmon 15

Norwegian smoked salmon with hard-boiled egg, red onion, caper cream, lettuce and tomato on an open-faced sourdough bread

Ultimate Veggie 15

Avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, cucumber, and goat cheese on toasted sourdough



Add chicken to any +2

Mediterranean 11

Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives and onion

Pesto and Egg 12

Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, olives, feta cheese, pesto dressing and toasted sourdough bread

Quinoa 12

Arugula, quinoa, poached apples, pickled red cabbage, candied walnuts, brie de France, and apple cider vinaigrette


House-made Toast 3

Choice of breads: sourdough, multigrain, brioche and white 

Fresh Fruit Cup 6.5

Mixed Greens 2.5

*Free-range Chicken 5.5

*Nueske's Bacon 4.5

*Norwegian Smoked Salmon 8


Kids Menu

Kinder Palatschinken 6

Nutella-filled crepes with banana, strawberry, and chocolate sauce

Kinder Kaiserschmarrn 8

Caramelized pancakes, candied walnuts, caramel, seasonal fruit and jam

Kinder Oatmeal 6

Seasonal fruit, candied walnuts, maple syrup and brown sugar

Breakfast Grilled Cheese 6

Scrambled egg and cheddar cheese on toasted pain de mie

Ham and Cheddar Sandwich 6

Ham and cheddar cheese on house-made multigrain bread

Grilled Cheese and Tomato 6

Swiss and cheddar cheese with tomato on house-made pain de mie

Julius Meinl Ravenswood

1920 W. Montrose Ave.

Chicago, IL 60613

Julius Meinl Southport

3601 N. Southport Ave.

Chicago, IL 60613

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