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At our flagship Southport location, we serve all kinds of delicious food - both savory and sweet! Stop in for brunch or bring your own beverage for Meinl at Night!

UPDATE: Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Julius Meinl Chicago is operating with a limited menu available for delivery & takeout ONLY. Please visit us at Uber Eats, Ritual and GrubHub to get your favorites today!



Quiche of the Day 12

With side of roasted potatoes

Eggs Benedict

Arugula, poached eggs, herbed hollandaise with choice of:

Canadian bacon 13

Smoked Salmon 15

Florentine 12

Croque Madam 13

Ham, swiss, whole grain mustard aioli, fried egg & brioche

Brioche Egg Sandwich 6

House-made brioche bun, baked egg & cheddar

With ham or bacon 6.5

French Omelette 11

Classic two-egg omelette, potatoes & choice of bread

With cheddar or swiss 12

Baked Eggs

Served with house-made bread & jam

Truffle Potato Pancake 13

Truffle salt, carmelized onions, parmesan, chives

Smoked Salmon 14

Salmon, onion, capers, cream cheese & mornay sauce

Spinach 12

Spinach, feta, mushroom & onion

Spicy Sausage 13

Sausage, potato, carmelized onion, cheddar

Tomato Basil 12

Basil, tomato, goat cheese & onion

With avocado 13.5


Kaiserschmarrn 14

Carmelized pancake pieces, candied walnuts, caramel, seasonal fruit & jam

Baked French Toast 11

House-made French Toast, brioche custard & seasonal fruit topping

Nutella Palatschinken 11

Nutella-filled crepes, banana, strawberry & chocolate


Hot Oatmeal 8

Seasonal fruit, candied walnuts, maple syrup & brown sugar

Granola and Yogurt 8

House-made granola, greek yogurt & seasonal



Austrian Breakfast

Soft boiled egg, swiss & choice of bread

With smoked ham 12

With smoked salmon 16

Imperial Breakfast 16

Specialty coffee, juice, fresh baked croissant, jam, soft boiled egg, swiss & fruit


Kinder Kaiserschmarrn 8

Kinder Palatschinken 6

Breakfast Grilled Cheese 6

Scrambled egg, cheddar on toasted pain de mie

Mid-day Meals


Quinoa 12

Quinoa, poached apples, pickled red cabbage, candied walnuts, brie de france & apple cider vinaigrette

Mediterranean 11

Mixed greens, feta, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives & onion

Pesto & Egg 12

Mixed greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, olives & pesto dressing. Comes with toasted sourdough

Chicken Salad 14

House-made chicken salad with dried apricots, tarragon, yogurt, walnuts, grapes & red onion on a bed of lettuce



Served with house potatoes or a side salad

Fancy BLT 14

Pork belly, tomato goat cheese, shaved brussels sprouts, open faced on ciabatta.

Roast Beef 14

Roast beef, mushroom cream cheese, lettuce, creme fraiche, open faced on ciabatta

Smoked Salmon 12

Norwegian smoked salmon, hard-boiled egg, red onion, caper cream, lettuce, tomato, open faced on sourdough

Turkey Avocado 13

House-roasted turkey, avocado, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, swiss, aioli, open faced on multigrain 

Chicken Salad 14

House-made chicken salad with dried apricots, tarragon, yogurt, walnuts, grapes, & red onion on ciabatta

Spicy Chicken 13

Grilled chicken, sriracha aioli, lettuce, tomato, & swiss on ciabatta



Grilled Cheese & Tomato 6

Swiss, cheddar & tomato on house-made pain de mie

Ham & Cheddar 6

Ham & cheddar on house-made multigrain

Cheesy Spatzle Pasta 6

House-made toasted spatzle, cheddar & cream

Meinl Favorites


Garlic Hummus 12

House-made garlic hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, olives & naan

Smoked Salmon 15

Norwegian smoked salmon, tomato confit, hard-boiled egg, pickled onion, whipped feta, mixed greens, capers & lemon

Sausage 13

Sausage, roasted potatoes, spinach, pickled red cabbage, cheddar, charred onion & whole grain mustard


Ham & Brie Palatschinken 12

Two crepes filled with ham, creme de brie, sauteed apples, dried cranberries & bechamel sauce


Vegetable Spatzle Pasta 12

House-made toasted spatzle, seasonal vegetables, tomatoes, spinach & goat cheese


Chorizo Spatzle Pasta 14

House-made toasted spatzle, chorizo, mushrooms, garlic & parmesan 

Goulash 15

Slow-cooked beef, house-made toasted spatzle & dill yogurt

With seasonal vegetables 18

With onions, spinach & goat cheese 17


Naan & Cheese 8

Garlic chili naan with three house-made cream cheeses

Pretzels & Mustard 4

Pretzel rods with three whole-grain mustards


House-made Toast 3

Sourdough, multigrain, white or wheat

Free-range Chicken 5.5

Nueske's Bacon 4.5

Nueske's Smoked Ham 4.5

Norwegian Smoked Salmon 7

House potatoes 3.5

Fresh fruit 6.5

Toasted Spatzle 5.5

Kaffeehaus Specialties


Cup 2.25

French Press 4.5

Milchkaffee 3.2


Espresso 2.3

Americano 2.9

Latte 3.95

Cappuccino 3.5

Mocha 3.95


Chamomille 3.5

Peppermint 3.5

Ginger Lemon 3.5

Earl Grey 3.65

Non-Coffee Drinks

Chai Latte 3.95

Earl Grey Vanilla Latte 4.3

Hot Apple Cider 3.05

Vienna Hot Chocolate 3.35

Steamer 3.45

Italian Soda 2

Vienna Specialties

Franziskaner 3.7

Espresso, steamed milk & whipped cream

Einspanner 3.7

Espresso, hot water & whipped cream

Ubersturtzer Neumann 3.7

Espresso & whipped cream

Drei Maderl Haus 3.7

Espresso, sweetened condensed milk & whipped cream

Wiener Melange 3.7

Espresso, milk foam & chocolate powder


Apfelstrudel 5.25

Apples, walnuts, raisins, cinnamon & rum

Black Forest Torte 6

Kirsche and dark chocolate mousse, chocolate cake & brandied cherries

Opera Torte 6

Espresso buttercream, almond cake & dark chocolate ganache

Esterhazy 6.25

Hazelnut cake, praline buttercream & sliced almonds

Thank you for visiting our website! Please be advised that consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness. For more information on our catering and patisserie services, call our Ravenswood location!

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